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1:76 HOP POCKETS (SACKS) pack of 6

1:76 HOP POCKETS (SACKS) pack of 6

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These hop pockets are designed with the enthusiast in mind, offering a high level of detail at a 1:76 scale, perfect for OO railway layouts or 20mm wargames. Reflecting the distinct form of traditional sacks used in beer brewing, these replicas capture the essence of such iconic accessories and would fit seamlessly into historical settings or enhance the depth of any scene. They are sized with precise dimensions of 8mm L x 7mm W x 22mm H. Remember, this model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20mm wargames

A pack of 6 filled hop pockets.

These are tall 6ft sacks used for the hop plants for beer making

Dimensions. 8mm L x 7 mm W x 22 mm H

Keywords: hop pockets, scale model, OO railway, 1:76, wargames accessories, railway accessories, resin miniatures, historical detail, enthusiast collectibles, miniature crafting, unpainted models.

"To achieve a similar finish to these hop pockets, I started with a base coat of light brown acrylic paint, ensuring even coverage to emphasise the detailing. I followed with washes of darker shades to create depth and enhance the texture, simulating the appearance of burlap material. Dry brushing with an off-white accentuated the ridges and folds, adding to the realistic look. I finished with a matte sealer to protect the paintwork without losing the fabric-like sheen." - Stuart
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