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This miniature is a detailed recreation of industrial sheet metal rollers, perfectly scaled at 1:56 to complement 28 mm wargaming setups. It captures the essence of the machinery found in a factory setting, with emphasis on the realism of industrial equipment from periods that wargame enthusiasts find fascinating. The dimensions of this model are exact: 76 mm L x 19 mm W x 20 mm H, ensuring that it fits suitably within any layout without dominating the scene. As you can see in the image, the model displays convincing detailing, but it is supplied unpainted, allowing you the freedom to customise the finish to suit your particular scene.

Text Description: 1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames. Factory sheet metal rollers. Dimensions. 76 mm L x 19 mm W x 20 mm H.

Keywords: resin miniature, sheet metal roller, industrial machinery, wargaming, factory equipment, scale model, 1:56 scale, unpainted resin, miniature scenery, terrain piece

"To achieve the look of this industrial sheet metal roller, I started with a base coat in a dark metallic colour to simulate steel. I then applied a light dry brushing of a lighter metallic hue to bring out the texture and provide a worn metallic appearance. Strategic placement of rust-coloured washes gave it that weathered industrial feel, and I made sure to focus on areas that would naturally collect dirt and grime over time. A final light dry brush of the edges with a nearly silver colour created the effect of worn edges that catch the light, suggesting regular use." - Stuart
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