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This inflatable assault boat model is an accurate representation scaled down for 28mm wargames. It's a neat addition to any collection for those who appreciate historical war scenarios. I've taken care to craft it to fit within the scale parameters, ensuring it looks the part on the tabletop. The finishing details accurately reflect the textures and features you'd expect to find, contributing to an immersive wargaming experience. The model has dimensions: Length 95mm, Width 40mm, Height 8mm. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

1:56 for 28mm. Dimensions: Length 95mm, Width 40mm, Height 8mm.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, inflatable assault boat, resin miniature, wargames accessories, historical wargaming, 28mm scale boat, miniature boat, tabletop gaming, wargames boat, unpainted resin, miniature modelling.

"I started by ensuring a smooth application of a primer to help the paints adhere better to the resin surface. Once primed, I chose a color scheme that reflected what might be seen in actual historical scenarios. I applied a base coat, then worked on the details like the wooden slats and the ropes, using thin brushes for precision. A wash was used to bring out the details and give the boat a weathered look. I finished by using a dry brush technique to highlight edges and create a sense of depth. The whole process required a steady hand and patience to ensure the final look was realistic." - Stuart
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