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As a keen modeller, I take pride in the attention to detail found in these 1:56 scale jerry cans. They're ideal for wargaming, designed to enhance military vehicles or serve as tabletop scatter terrain. The scale accuracy is spot on, making these small additions stand out in any wargaming scene. The historically accurate design ensures these pieces fit seamlessly into the setting you're creating.

Enthusiasts will appreciate the fine details that have gone into each of these miniature jerry cans. While I can't claim they're indestructible, they're crafted to be a sturdy addition to your tabletop battlefields. Six jerry cans come in this set, perfect for decking out your 1:56 scale vehicles and environments.

Please note, the model shown is a painted version to give you an idea of how it can look; the model is supplied unpainted. Dimensions of each jerry can are 6mm x 4mm x 9mm high.

1:56 for 28 mm. Six jerry cans for adding to vehicles. Dimensions 6mm x 4mm x 9mm high.

"To achieve a similar look to these jerry cans, I started with a solid base coat, ensuring that the details stood out. For the main colour, I used a military green, applying it evenly. To bring out the features and add depth, I applied a wash, allowing the darker tone to settle in the recesses. Afterwards, some light dry brushing with a lighter shade of green gave it more dimension. I then added subtle metallic highlights to the edges to simulate wear. Finally, I applied a matte varnish to protect the paintwork." - Stuart
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