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In my creation here, I've focused on capturing the feel of frontline defences used in historical conflicts. Moulded on a 1:56 scale, this piece complements 28mm figures, providing a realistic backdrop for wargaming. The earthwork, reinforced with timber and topped with sandbags, illustrates the hastily constructed defences often seen in World War battlefields. To potential collectors and enthusiasts, this model offers accuracy in scale, reflecting the dimensions and construction of such defensive positions, with each feature proportionate to the scale figures it accompanies. It's designed to be versatile in its application to various battle scenarios and game types where visual realism and tactical functionality are key.

The model measures 75mm L x 75mm W x 21mm H, which adds a tangible sense of depth and realism to any gaming layout. Please note, this model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to personalise the finish to your own preferences or to match existing terrain.

1:56 scale for 28 mm figures. Defensive earthwork with timber reinforcement and sandbags. Dimensions. 75 mm L x 75 mm W x 21 mm H.

Keywords: resin miniature, 1:56 scale, 28mm wargaming, miniature defences, wargaming accessories,

"To achieve a similar finish to this miniature, I started with a base coat to define the primary colour palette, using shades of brown for the timber and a mix of beige and sandy tones for the sandbags. I applied dry brushing to highlight the texture of the wood grain and the rugged surface of the sandbags. For the earthwork, I used a stippling technique with various shades of brown and green to simulate the appearance of soil and moss, which adds to its lived-in look on the battlefield. Weathering was added using washes to accumulate in the recesses and give depth to the details. Finally, a subtle application of pigments helped to blend the piece into a broader terrain setting." - Stuart
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