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I've taken pride in crafting this French Armoured Car miniature, ensuring that its design is true to the original vehicles that roamed during WW2. The fine lines and proportions are faithful to the 1:72 scale, making it an accurate piece for both wargames and railway settings. The wheels, chassis, and distinct silhouette of the LAFFLY W15 are clearly represented, with special attention paid to capturing the unique profile that distinguishes this vehicle from others of its era. This would make a fine addition to a collection for its historical significance, particularly for those focused on WW2 era French military vehicles. The dimensions of this model are: Length 70mm, Width 28mm, Height 25mm. This model is supplied unpainted, and assembly is required.

Text Description: 1:72 for OO or 20mm. Dimensions: Length 70mm Width 28mm Height 25mm. 2 piece quick kit. Assembly required.

Keywords: LAFFLY W15, French armoured car, military miniature, 1:72 scale, WW2 French military, wargames, railway model, OO scale vehicle, 20mm scale military, detailed model kit, unpainted miniatures, historical vehicle miniature, resin model kit.

"The LAFFLY W15 French armoured car model in this image was painted using acrylics, starting with a primer to ensure good paint adhesion. I then proceeded with a base coat in dark green, adding lighter green highlights to represent wear and exposure. Details such as the wheels, windows, and trims were carefully painted to maintain scale consistency. A wash was applied to accentuate the recesses and a final matte varnish protected the finish. The result is a representation that captures the vehicle's ruggedness, seen in historical contexts." - Stuart
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