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This Land Wasser Schlepper waterline resin miniature, scaled at 1:56 for 28mm figures, brings a remarkable level of detail to your wargames. With sharp focus on replicating features true to the WWII era vehicles, this model captures the unique design of an amphibious military vehicle accurately. It's designed to easily fit into a collection or on the wargames battlefield, complementing other pieces with its proportional accuracy. The model, laid out in a simple two-piece design, comes together for swift assembly. This quick kit allows hobbyists to jump straight into the painting and customising process, enhancing their gaming experience. Dimensions are 168mm L x 62mm W x 40mm H with 10mm freeboard, evocative of the real-world counterpart it represents. Rest assured for wargame enthusiasts, this model is supplied unpainted to allow for customisation.

1:56 for 28mm. A waterline version of our full hull LWS 28B25. Dimensions 168mm L x 62mm W x 40mm H. 10mm freeboard. Simple 2 piece quick kit. Assembly required.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, 28mm, military vehicle, WWII German vehicle, wargames, scale

"To achieve this finish on the 1:56 scale Land Wasser Schlepper waterline, I started with a base coat that provided coverage while still allowing the detailed surface textures to show through. I then applied washes to accentuate the recesses and panel lines, to give it that used look, like it's been through a few missions. Dry brushing was essential to highlight raised features and create a sense of wear. Subtle rust effects were added to suggest exposure to the elements, and I sparingly applied chipping to represent usage without going overboard. Paying attention to historical reference photos helped me achieve the right color scheme and markings, ensuring they look like they belong." - Stuart
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