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This scale model of a large, log-covered sandbagged bunker fits in seamlessly with your existing 1:56 scale wargames' defence line. The dimensions – length 125mm, width 95mm, height 45mm – give it a notable presence on the battlefield, providing cover for your miniature troops. Its realistic representation, down to the individual logs and neatly stacked sandbags, make it a valuable addition for historical wargame scenarios.

True to the era's construction methods, you'll find the bunker blends with a variety of terrains, enhancing the immersive experience. The removable roof allows for ease of access during gameplay, ensuring functionality as well as visual appeal. The base with its textured, grassy finish, complements the overall piece, suggesting a piece of the battlefield lifted straight out of history. It's designed to be a strongpoint on any wargaming table, offering both aesthetic pleasure and in-game utility.

Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise the finish to match your own forces and terrain.

Text Description: 1:56 for 28mm, Dimensions: Length 125mm Width 95mm Height 45mm

Keywords: 1:56 defences, scale model bunker, wargames scenery, resin

"To achieve this look for the large log-covered sandbagged bunker, I started by applying a base coat to the resin. Once that was dry, I worked up the layers with dry brushing techniques to enhance the texture of the logs and sandbags. For the wooden parts, I used a mix of browns, adding lighter tones on the edges to simulate wear. The sandbags were painted in more of an earthy tone, with lighter dry brushing to highlight the stacks. The grassy base was created with a blend of greens, topped off with some static grass to give it a more realistic appearance. It's all about layering your paints and taking the time to pick out the details." - Stuart
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