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These resin miniatures are 1:76 scale models of large diameter industrial pipes, crafted with an eye for detail that brings a realistic touch to any OO gauge railway layout. Each pipe rests on wooden bearers, adding to the visual authenticity, and they are designed to fit a range of wagon types. Making sure that your layout has varied and realistic loads adds depth to your rolling stock collection. Please be aware that wagon dimensions vary, so do measure yours to ensure these will suit your needs. An enthusiast could potentially modify these resin miniatures if necessary.

Dimensions: Length 50mm Width 25mm Height 18mm

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

3 different large diameter pipes

Dimensions: Length 50mm Width 25mm Height 18mm. If using as a railway wagon load please check the dimensions of your wagon before ordering. There are too many types for me to make a one size fits all. Some of my loads can be cut down and sanded to fit.

Keywords: large pipes, OO gauge, railway modelling, resin miniatures, wagon loads, realistic cargo, industrial accessories, scale models, hobby supplies, railway accessories, model trains.

"To achieve this painted and finished look for the large pipes, I used a base coat on the resin to ensure the subsequent layers of paint adhered well. I then applied a variety of acrylic paints, starting with darker shades in the recesses to bring out the texture and depth, and working up to lighter shades on the edges and raised areas for highlights. The wooden supports received a similar treatment, with wood grain effects achieved through dry-brushing techniques. Finally, some weathering was applied to give the pipes a used, industrial feel, appropriate for a railway setting." - Stuart
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