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Stepping into the world of railway modelling, the 1:72 large static caravan provides a slice of realism for any layout. Perfectly sized for those who prize precision in their setups, this model captures the essence of a familiar scene without overwhelming the observer with unnecessary flare. Attention has been given to the proportional balance, ensuring that each feature from the individual window frames to the door hinges aligns well with the integrity of the scale. Crafted to integrate seamlessly with railway accessories, this piece finds its home amongst those who appreciate the quaint charm of a static caravan in their configurative narratives.

As a piece that serves both practicality and visual interest, this model comes alive through the quality of craftsmanship, offering a sturdy design that nods to its real-life counterpart. The dimensions of 155mm in length, 53mm in width, and 45mm in height provide ample scope for detail while maintaining a neat footprint within a 1:72 scale layout.

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personalisation to fit your specific scene or taste.

Dimensions: Length 155mm, Width 53mm, Height 45mm.

Keywords: static caravan, 1:72 scale, railway model, railway accessory, scale realism, model building, miniature caravan, scale modelling, OO gauge accessory,

"For this particular model of a static caravan, I chose a muted color palette to reflect a more realistic and perhaps a bit weathered look, to give it a sense of history and use. I started with a base coat, ensuring even coverage to avoid obscuring the fine details. Subtle shading techniques enhanced the texture of the panelling and roof. The windows were given a slightly reflective quality using a gloss varnish, differentiating them from the matte finish of the walls. As this is a railway accessory, I integrated wear and subtle signs of aging to fit into a well-used rail environment, giving each detail careful attention to ensure the scale remained consistent throughout the painting process." - Stuart
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