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This 1:76 scale model lifebelt cabinet is designed to complement OO railway layouts, providing an extra touch of realism and historical allegiance to the scene. Attention has been paid to the scale proportions, ensuring that when placed beside other elements, it contributes to a cohesive and convincing setting. The specifics of the dimensions, being 13mm in length, 8mm in width, and 34mm in height, ensure that each cabinet aligns with true-to-life measurements when translated to their 1:76 scale counterparts. It's suitable for both railway and harbour scenes, capturing the essence of the locations they represent. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

Text Description: 4mm/1:76 for OO. Pack of 6 lifebelts in pole-mounted stand. Dimensions: Length 13mm Width 8mm Height 34mm.

"To achieve the look of the lifebelt cabinet in the image, I started with a good primer to ensure the later layers of paint adhered well to the resin. I chose a wood-toned base colour for the cabinet, applying it with a fine detail brush for precision. For the lifebelt, I went with a traditional white and red scheme to capture its iconic look, taking care to keep the lines clean. The pole was painted in a subtle shade to mimic metal, adding to the overall realism. I found that using a tiny spot of gloss varnish on the lifebelt made it look more like the real rubber material. Once the painting was complete, I applied a matte varnish to seal the colours and reduce any unwanted shine on the cabinet's wooden parts." - Stuart
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