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I'm quite pleased with how this small corrugated metal workman's hut turned out. It's scaled at 1:76, making it suitable for OO railway setups. I aimed for scale accuracy, matching the dimensions of prototype structures found beside British railways. I paid close attention to the fine details and patterns in the resin, ensuring the lines and textures remained sharp and distinct under layers of paint. The finished dimensions are Length 30mm Width 25mm Height 33mm, creating a compact addition to any railway scene. Remember, the model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise the finish to your own project.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Small corrugated metal workman's hut.

Dimensions: Length 30mm Width 25mm Height 33mm

Keywords: lineside hut, 1:76 scale, OO railway, building model, railway modelling, resin miniature.

"To create a similar finish on the resin model, I started with a base coat of primer to ensure additional paint layers adhered well. I chose colours that reflected a weathered look to enhance the realistic texture of the corrugated surface. Using a fine brush, I applied layers of acrylic paint, allowing each to dry before adding details like rust effects and shading to accentuate the corrugated design. Finally, a protective matte varnish was applied to preserve the paintwork." - Stuart
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