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This robust resin miniature serves the dual purpose of a defensive position for wargames scenarios and an addition to OO scale models. Its realistic representation takes into account the materials used in actual log constructions of the era it represents. The dimensions of this piece ensure it fits naturally within a 1:72 or 1:76 scale setup, providing a believable and tangible scene for enthusiasts to appreciate the strategic depth of historical defences.

Attention to detail is noticeable in the aligned logs and the way the dugout sits within its simulated earthen embankment. As a piece designed for enthusiasts of historical wargames, the unassuming yet fundamental aspect of this miniature serves as a testament to its purposeful design. It is carefully crafted to match the scale and offers a realistic interpretation of the kind of temporary defences that would have been quickly assembled in times past.

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted, inviting hobbyists to add their personal touch to the piece.

1:72 for OO or 20mm

Dimensions: Length 87mm Width 70mm Height 20mm

"To create this modest log dugout, I started with a high-quality resin cast that captured the essence of a rudimentary military defence position. I used a simple palette of earthy browns and greens to hand-paint the wooden textures, striving for a natural look appropriate for the scale. To add depth, I carefully dry-brushed lighter tones onto the logs. Then I applied a static grass finish to the ground area, applying it unevenly to mimic nature’s randomness. Such an item would blend seamlessly into a wargaming landscape or a historical diorama, enhancing the overall visual experience." - Stuart
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