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This model is a 1:56 scale log barricade perfect for wargaming scenarios. The compact dimensions make it an ideal piece for tabletop defences, adding strategic depth to your battles. The logs are carefully arranged and stacked, showing attention to detail in replicating the look and feel of a wooden defence structure of the period. The scale is suitable for 28mm figures, allowing the barricade to fit seamlessly into existing game setups, providing cover for miniatures and serving as a tactical obstacle. Crafted with hobbyists in mind, it's designed to enhance the gaming experience with a focus on realism and scale accuracy that enthusiasts appreciate. Supplied unpainted, it is ready for you to customise to suit your battlefield's theme. Dimensions: Length 70mm Width 23mm Height 20mm.

"To achieve this look, I started with a primer to ensure a good base for the paint to adhere to. Once dry, I applied a base coat in a rich brown to represent the wood, followed by layers of dry brushing with lighter shades to bring out the texture and create a realistic wood grain effect. Finally, I detailed the miniature with dark washes to enhance the recesses and give depth to the overall appearance. A steady hand and patience go a long way in achieving a realistic finish on a small scale." - Stuart
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