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Our looted art work set is crafted to enhance your 1:56 scale wargames, bringing a touch of cinematic inspiration to the tabletop. In landscapes rife with conflict and drama, these pieces serve as evocative storytelling elements, echoing the narrative of reclaimed treasures. Each component is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into your scenarios, lending an air of gravity to the miniature theatres of war you create.

Dimensions vary across the pieces in this set, providing versatility and depth to your battlefield setups. The selection of crates and frames invites you to customise further, encouraging creative expression within your wargaming sessions.

Designed to reflect a narrative seen in a well-known war film, the artwork included adds a layer of context and authenticity to each skirmish or campaign.

Please note that this model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to personalise your set to match the aesthetic of your existing collection.

1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames

A selection of packing crates and picture frames.

Inspired by the Burt Lancaster film "The Train"

For the art work I cut pictures from magazines and used a postage stamp for one.

Dimensions: various

Keywords: resin miniatures, 1:56 wargames accessories, packing crates, picture frame miniatures, historical wargaming, scale model supplies, tabletop gaming, miniature customisation.

"The set here includes an assortment of packing crates and picture frames, finished in a way that closely resembles the props used in historical scenarios. For the artwork, I opted for cutting out images from magazines, which adds a personal touch and allows for easy customization based on the scene being recreated. A postage stamp serves as one of the paintings, showcasing an innovative use of everyday items to enhance scale realism." - Stuart
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