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These scale lorry loads of ammo tins are a faithful reflection of the real thing, fitting effortlessly into wargames set during the historical periods reflected by their design. The dimensions of each tin are consistent with the 1:56 scale, ensuring that they look in place when used alongside figures and vehicles of the same scale. Attention to detail is evident in the clasps, handles, and ridged surfaces, which aid in creating a realistic scene without overwhelming it. These pieces serve as versatile scenery for objective markers or as enriched detail to the wargaming environment.

The dimensions of the product are 25mm L x 23mm W x 10mm H. The model is supplied unpainted.

Text Description: 1:56 for 28mm. A small pile of machine gun ammo tins for use as lorry loads, objective/jump off markers or general scenery. 25 mm L x 23 mm W x 10 mm H.

Keywords: resin miniatures, wargames scenery, 1:56 scale accessories, ammo tins, miniature supplies, scale modelling, historical wargaming.

"To achieve a finish similar to what you see here, I started with a base coat of olive drab, applying it evenly across the resin to capture that iconic military appearance. Once dried, I then applied a wash to accentuate the details, giving depth to the recesses and hardware on the ammo boxes. Dry brushing was the next step, using a lighter shade to highlight edges and create a worn look characteristic of field equipment. Lastly, a very subtle application of rust and earth tones was added to suggest weathering and use in the field." - Stuart
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