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This set of 1:56 scale Sherman tank spares is a detailed addition for enthusiasts looking to add depth to their miniatures collection, perfect for loading onto lorries in wargaming scenarios. The set includes track links, boggie wheels, and assorted bits, portraying the mechanical components with care to ensure scale consistency. The dimensions are 28 mm L x 27 mm W x 12 mm H, crafted to complement 1:56 scale models seamlessly. This item is particularly suitable as a jump off point or objective marker, as well as enhancing a scene with additional realism. Each piece is designed with attention to the historical aspects of the era, ensuring they fit well within a WWII backdrop. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing for customization to suit various wargaming scenarios.

1:56 for 28mm. A pile of items for the backs of lorries. This one comprises Sherman track links, boggie wheels and assorted bits. Also useful as jump off or objective marker and as general scenery. 28 mm L x 27 mm W x 12 mm H.

Keywords: 1:56 armour accessories, resin miniatures, miniature tank parts, wargames scenery, objective markers, historical wargaming, model lorry loads, miniature spare parts, Sherman tank components

"To achieve the finished look for this model, I started with a careful examination of reference materials to mix the right shades of paint, aiming to replicate the appearance of Sherman tank spare parts with authenticity. First, a base coat was applied to establish the foundation color, adhering to hues commonly found on WWII vehicles. I then applied washes to accentuate the details and shadows, giving the pile of parts an aged and used effect. Dry brushing techniques brought out the raised surfaces and edges, adding depth and more realistic wear. Finally, I applied subtle rust and dirt effects to enhance the realism, suggesting these parts have seen service in the field." - Stuart
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