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In my workroom, I've seen the unique charm that these scaled down brick gable ends bring to both OO gauge railways and 20mm wargaming scenarios. They echo the familiar architecture of traditional brick buildings, adding an engaging backdrop to any layout. The craftsmanship speaks for itself – you'll find the brickwork carries an essence of its full-sized counterpart, providing an excellent foundation for paint and customisation. It's the commitment to the 1:76 scale that appeals to hobbyists who value precision.

Whether you're setting the scene for a historic rail transport route or depicting a town edge in a ground skirmish, this piece has versatility. While the details have been captured right down to the sculpt of the down pipe, the true beauty comes alive with the hobbyist's touch, transforming it from a high-quality base product to a centrepiece in your own model world. Please note, the piece comes to you unpainted, allowing for the creative freedom to make it your own.

Dimensions 95mm Wide x 5-8mm Thick x 135mm High.

4mm/1:76 for OO railways or 20mm wargames. Brick building gable end with down pipe. For scenic backdrops.

Keywords: scale miniature, resin gable end, OO gauge building, 1:76 brick texture, wargaming scenery, railway model building accessories, down pipe detail

"To achieve the finished look on the gable end, I used a base coat that matched traditional brick tones. Once the base coat was dry, I applied a wash to bring out the texture of the bricks and the mortar lines. I then went back to dry brush highlights onto the brick faces, giving the miniature depth and a more weathered appearance. Finally, I carefully painted the down pipe and the trim, ensuring these elements stood out but also blended seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the model." - Stuart
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