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This 1:56 scale model is a LVT-2 Amtrac, fully capturing the essence of this WWII era vehicle used by the Allies. Its dimensions are precise, with a length of 141mm, width of 62mm, and a height of 45mm, which fits well with figures meant for wargaming at the same scale. The level of detail reflects a deep appreciation for the vehicle's design features, from the armoured panels down to the individual track links. The model arrives fully assembled, which gives you the opportunity to focus your passion on painting and customising. It provides a solid base for enthusiasts to easily apply their own artistic touch and integrate this model into their wargaming scenarios. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing for customisation.

Text Description: 1:56 for 28mm. Dimensions: Length 141mm Width 62mm Height 45mm. This model comes fully assembled.

Keywords: LVT-2 Amtrac, 1:56 scale model, WWII military vehicle, 28mm wargames, resin miniature, fully assembled, historical vehicle, collectors' item, scale model tank, tabletop gaming.

"To achieve a similar finish for this model, I started with a base coat to ensure the subsequent layers of paint would adhere well and bring out the details. I then applied a carefully selected palette of colors to represent the historical vehicle, using thin layers to preserve the intricate features. Weathering techniques came next, applied with a light touch to simulate wear and exposure to the elements. Washes helped to pick out the finer details, like panel lines and bolts. Finally, a matte varnish sealed in the work, providing protection and cutting down on any unwanted shine." - Stuart
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