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As a fellow enthusiast, I put great care into creating a scale representation of the LVT A4 Amtrak turret with a 75 mm howitzer, designed with wargaming in mind. This particular scale component is true to the vehicles used during WW2, providing a realistic addition to your 1:56 scale military vehicles. The dimensions, at 49 mm in length including the barrel, 32 mm width, and 14 mm height, are in proportion with the historical counterpart and compatible with 28 mm figures. Attention to detail was key in sculpting this piece to ensure it provides a believable and impactful presence on the wargaming battlefield. This model is supplied unpainted, offering you the creative freedom to customise it according to your own vision.

1:56 scale for 28 mm wargames.

LVT A4 Amtrak turret with 75 mm howitzer for infantry support.

Dimensions: 49 mm L inc barrel x 32 mm W x 14 mm H.

"I started by priming the base resin turret to ensure the paint would adhere properly and to bring out the intricate details. I then applied a base coat, matching historical references for authenticity in colour. Details were picked out with a fine brush, accentuating features like hatches and the gun barrel. A wash was used to create depth and enhance the textures, followed by light dry brushing to highlight the edges. The aim was to achieve a realistic finish that aligns with the era of the model. It's important for the piece to look like it's seen action without appearing overly worn. Weathering was done subtly to suggest use but not to the extent that it would detract from the overall appearance." - Stuart
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