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Crafted to complement railway models at a 1:76 scale, this wooden wheelhouse is a reminder of simpler times when craftsmanship was as important as functionality. It's designed to fit into any naval-themed railway layout, giving a sense of days gone by when steam trains ran alongside bustling canals and busy shipyards. The dimensions make it a neat addition: length 41mm, width 26mm, height 26mm, so it's unobtrusive yet noticeable. For model railway enthusiasts, this addition captures the essence of nautical charm without overpowering the surrounding details. Its place could be alongside a quay or as part of a small maritime display within the railway environment. I've taken care to ensure scale accuracy, providing a sense of realism to the piece. This model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm.

Dimensions: Length 41mm Width 26mm Height 26mm.

Keywords: resin miniature, wheelhouse, 1:76 scale, model boat, OO railway, nautical miniature, railway modeling, resin kit, naval theme, historical model.

"To achieve a similar finish on this wooden wheelhouse, I started with a good quality primer to ensure the paint adhered well to the surface. I then applied a base coat in a wood colour, using a steady hand to keep the paint smooth and even. Next, I created depth with washes and dry brushing techniques to highlight the wooden texture and details. The windows were carefully painted with a lighter shade and then I added subtle touches of weathering to give it a more authentic look. It's important to have a fine brush for the details and a steady hand for the neat edges. Patience is key; thin layers of paint work much better than one thick layer." - Stuart
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