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This 1:76 scale miniature, designed for OO railway enthusiasts, is a railway wagon load of assorted goods, crafted to add a touch of realism to model layouts. It includes a variety of items such as crates, canvas covers, and barrels, each carefully painted to reflect the different textures and finishes these objects would have in real life. I pay close attention to the little details like the wood grain on the crates and the subtle weathering on the tarps, ensuring they look as true to life as possible. Each piece is designed to enhance the storytelling aspect of your railway scenes, bringing a sense of day-to-day operation to the miniature world.

This model suits those who appreciate fine details in their historical railway setups, seeking elements that convey the character of era-specific transportation. Make sure to check the dimensions to ensure a proper fit within your existing collection or layout. It measures 63mm in length, 24mm in width, and 16mm in height. Please remember, while the image shows a painted finished item, the model comes supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. Railway wagon load of

"To achieve the look of this mixed goods load, I chose a balanced palette to complement each item's texture and material. I started with a primer to ensure that the subsequent layers of paint adhered well to the resin surface. For the wooden crates, I applied a light brown base coat, followed by washes in darker tones to accentuate the wood grain details. The tarps draped over some of the crates were done in various shades of green, using highlights and shadows to give them a three-dimensional appearance. For the metallic drums, a base red color was topped with lighter red highlights and strategic rust effects to convey usage and weathering. The most intricate part was the small machinery, which was painted in a yellow ochre, then weathered with a mix of washes and dry-brushing to mimic dirt and operational wear." - Stuart
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