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This set replicates the various types of modern barricades you might come across in an urban combat zone. Each piece has been sculpted to reflect the variety of materials used in makeshift or purpose-built barriers, from sandbag walls to tyre fortifications. I've designed these pieces with attention to detail, so they fit well within the 1:56 scale, making them ideal to complement any urban-themed wargaming terrain where modern conflicts are depicted. They blend seamlessly into 28mm scenarios, augmenting the tactical depth of gameplay.

For those who appreciate scale accuracy and the subtle artistry involved in the creation of wargaming pieces, you'll find that this set features a good balance of texture variety and structural designs likely to be encountered in contemporary settings. I hope fellow enthusiasts will appreciate the versatility of this set in enhancing gameplay and adding visual interest to the tabletop.

In line with the hobby, remember, these pieces are made available unpainted, allowing you to finish them to your own taste and colour scheme preferences.

1:56 for 28mm, 14 pieces for making road blocks.

Keywords: modern barricade set, 1:56 scale defences, wargames scenery, tabletop gaming accessories, resin miniatures for wargaming,

"To achieve this look for the modern barricade set, I started by applying a base coat with a grey primer to ensure that the subsequent layers of paint would adhere properly. I then used a selection of acrylic paints to bring out the details, using browns, greys, and metallic tones to create a realistic and worn appearance suitable for a modern combat scenario. A light dry brushing technique helped to highlight edges and textures, giving depth to the sandbags, concrete barriers, and other components. For added realism, I applied washes in appropriate areas to simulate grime and weathering effects. Each piece was finished with a clear matte varnish to protect the paintwork and to cut down on shine, which can detract from the realism." - Stuart
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