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This set includes six scaled tents perfect for wargaming scenarios. Each piece is designed to complement a 1:56 scale setup, making it a suitable accessory for miniature enthusiasts who enjoy adding a touch of realism to their tabletop battles. The resin casts are clean, requiring no additional preparation before you start painting, and they capture the nuances of fabric and structure of real tents. Taken from different sizes to add variety, these models offer a convincing setting for your miniature troops to set camp. The dimensions reflect real-world scale, ensuring your wargames are immersive and visually cohesive. Supplied unpainted, these tents await your individual creativity to bring them to life in your wargame scenes.

1:56 for 28mm

2 each of 3 different sized tents

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"For the miniature tents you see, I started by applying a base coat using acrylic paints, which adhere nicely to the resin surface. I chose different earthy tones to represent various canvas materials. After the base coat dried, I applied shadows and highlights to accentuate the folds and creases, giving each tent a more three-dimensional look. A dry brush technique helped me enhance the texture, and a fine detail brush was perfect for any small touch-ups and adding wear and tear to suggest regular use. Once satisfied with the paint job, I finished the pieces with a matte varnish to protect them from wear and tear during games." - Stuart
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