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This 1:76 scale miniature captures the essence of a cold war era, designed to complement both yours OO railway setups and 20mm wargames. Carefully shaped to resemble a concrete hatch entrance and main ventilation shaft, these pieces bring a level of depth to scenarios from a critical period in history. With an emphasis on historical setting, they help enhance your displays and games with an accurate visual backdrop. This miniature blends seamlessly into existing collections and serves as an interesting focal point, capturing the attention of both enthusiasts and collectors. The dimensions of this model are true to historical counterparts, ensuring your setups are consistently scaled and immersive. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customisation.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. 2 piece casting of a concrete hatch entrance to a cold war underground bunker and the main ventilation shaft.

Keywords: Observer Corps Bunker, 1:76 Scale Miniature, OO Railway, 20mm Wargames, 1:76 Building, Cold War Miniature, Railway Buildings, Wargaming Accessories, Resin Miniature, Miniature Painting, Bunker Entrance, Ventilation Shaft.

"The miniature you see is the outcome of a simple yet careful painting process. I started with a primer to ensure the following layers of paint would adhere well. Utilising a palette of subtle greys and greens to mimic concrete and metal, I applied the base coat. After the base coat dried, I selectively added washes to bring out the depth and texture; attention was given to the weathering effects to make the piece feel aged and exposed to the elements. Dry brushing was the final step, highlighting edges and details to create a realistic worn look. The finishing touches included painting small details to represent rust and distinct features, ensuring the structure looked as true to life as possible." - Stuart
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