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This oil drum strip is a 1:72 scale model designed for railway enthusiasts and wargamers who appreciate a realistic touch to their layouts and battlefields. The dimensions of 55 mm L x 20 mm W x 13 mm H allow these drums to sit convincingly in both OO scale railway settings and in 20 mm wargames, providing versatile scenery. Each drum has been crafted with attention to the typical features you'd find on the real thing, from the ridged ends to the central band that suggests sturdiness. They come as a single piece casting, saving you time that you could spend detailing the piece to your liking. Whether adding to a rail-side industry scene or setting up defensive positions in a miniaturised battleground, these oil drums offer a practical boost to the atmosphere of your setup.

Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise the finish to match your specific scene or army.

1:72 scale for OO railways and 20 mm wargames. A row of 40 gal oil drums. Single piece casting. Dimensions 55 mm L x 20 mm W x 13 mm H.


"To achieve the finished look for these oil drums, I started with a base coat of black to ensure all the details would pop. Once the base coat was dry, I layered on a dark green, applying it in a way that would let some of the black undercoat show through to mimic shadows and give a sense of depth. To highlight the details, I dry brushed lighter shades of green on the edges and ridges. The trick here is to use very little paint on the brush and to apply it with a very light touch. Lastly, I added subtle rust effects around the rim and body, giving the drums an aged and used appearance. The paint used should be suitable for adherence to resin and chosen to hold up under handling during tabletop gameplay or display in a railway scene." - Stuart
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