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This 1:76 scale oil storage tank model is a faithful representation of small industrial tanks often found in works yards and factories from past eras. It captures the essential features, lending a realistic aspect suitable for railway modelling and wargaming sceneries, ensuring it fits in perfectly with both OO railway setups and 20mm wargames landscapes. Attention to detail is evident in the structure of the tank, and subtle weathering brings out a convincing, aged effect. Industrial tanks have been a feature since the early days of the oil industry, often constructed above ground with supporting structures for ease of access and maintenance. Keeping an eye on fine details yet remaining robust for handling, this model hits a balance between fine craftsmanship and practicality on the tabletop. Dimensions: Length 52mm, Width 22mm, Height 40mm. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Small metal storage tank on brick columns. Ideal for works yards and factories.

Dimensions: Length 52mm, Width 22mm, Height 40mm.


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"To create a similar miniature to the one pictured, I started with a base resin model. For the metallic sheen on the tank, I used a combination of gold and silver acrylic paints, applying them with a dry brush technique to achieve a worn metal look. The brick supports were painted with a mix of reds and browns to simulate the texture and variety of brickwork, with light grey detailing for mortar lines. Weathering effects were achieved by a wash of dark paint, wiped away to leave recessed areas darkened. It just takes patience, a steady hand, and a selection of fine brushes to bring out the details." - Stuart
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