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I take pride in producing high-fidelity scale models that live up to the discerning standards of war-gaming enthusiasts. The model featured here is representative of the German vehicles used in WWII and is scaled to fit Blitze trucks. Its dimensions, Length 66mm Width 42mm Height 13mm, ensure it blends seamlessly into any 1:56 setting. Attention to the finer details is what separates a good model from an exceptional one, and I pay close attention to historically significant characteristics in each piece I craft. As a hobbyist myself, I understand the importance of precision and the piece's role in immersive game play. Please note that the miniature is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customization to fit your specific scene or collection.

1:56 for 28mm Canvas tilt for the ANYSCALE MODELS Blitz trucks. FITS THE BLITZ AND MAULTIER. Dimensions: Length 66mm Width 42mm Height 13mm.

Keywords: resin miniature, scale model, 1:56 scale vehicle, military historical models, WW2 German, war gaming vehicles, 1:56 vehicle components.

"For those passionate about historical war gaming, turning a plain resin miniature into a piece that looks as it does here requires patience and an eye for detail. To achieve this sort of finish, I started with a carefully applied base coat, ensuring thorough coverage to create a solid foundation for subsequent layers. Once dry, I layered on shades to give the canvas tilt depth and texture, resembling the real military vehicle covers used during WWII. I added highlights to the edges and folds to make the features pop and give it a worn look, reflective of what one might see on the battlefield. A final matte varnish was applied to seal the paintwork and give it a more authentic, non-reflective surface." - Stuart
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