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This 1:56 scale model is a faithful representation of the military vehicle, reflecting careful attention to detail in its design, capturing the essence of the era it represents. The dimensions are precise, with a length of 110mm, width of 40mm, and height of 53mm, making it suitable for scenarios and tabletop games in the 1:56 scale. It easily finds a place amongst other figures and equipment on the table, adding depth to historical recreations. It's a tidy three-piece kit with four wire tilt frames and a folded tilt, which should be straightforward to assemble, letting you get to the painting and gaming quicker. As both a collector and someone who enjoys wargaming, I appreciate the model's solid feel and the accuracy of its proportions. It's a versatile piece that can enhance any collection or serve as an essential utility vehicle in wargame scenarios. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

1:56 for 28mm

Dimensions: Length 110mm Width 40mm Height 53mm.

3 piece quick kit + 4 wire tilt frames and folded tilt. Assembly required.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, military model

"To achieve a finish like the one in this image, I started with a solid base coat, ensuring to get an even coverage that doesn't obscure the fine details of the model. Once the base coat was dry, I applied a wash to accentuate the recessed lines and contours. The key here is to let the wash flow into all the nooks and crannies to create depth. After the wash had dried, I applied highlights using a dry brushing technique, lightly brushing the raised surfaces with a lighter shade to mimic the effect of light reflecting off these areas. I finished with a protective matte varnish to both seal the paint and reduce any unwanted glossiness. It's all about taking your time with each step, letting layers dry, and building up the colour gradually for the most realistic look." - Stuart
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