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This coastal emplacement faithfully represents historical structures, scaled down to 1:72, and designed specifically for those interested in detail and realism for their wargames or OO railway scenes. The dimensions of this piece—135mm in length, 70mm in width, and 15mm in height—make it a substantial yet suitably sized piece that can serve as a crucial focal point or simply as part of a larger defences network. The quality of the resin casting ensures that the intricate details are crisp, allowing for straightforward painting and finishing. Model enthusiasts can easily bring this piece to life with their own paint schemes to reflect weathering and age, depending on the desired effect. This model is ideal for those who appreciate historically grounded structures in their miniature worlds. It comes unpainted, giving you the freedom to customise it to your liking.

Dimensions: Length 135mm, Width 70mm, Height 15mm.

Keywords: resin miniatures, coastal emplacement, scale model, 1:72 defences, OO railway accessories, wargames scenery, historical miniature, model painting, diorama component, coastal fortification.

"For this model, I started with a base coat of acrylic grey to simulate the concrete. I then applied washes for depth, focusing on the recesses to give the impression of weathering from exposure to the elements. I added subtle greenery to the edges and surface to represent moss and grass growth, using static grass and fine turf. I completed the look with dry-brushing to highlight the edges and give a worn appearance. Care was taken to keep the finish realistic and in scale, ensuring that it would integrate seamlessly into a wargames setup or OO railway layout." - Stuart
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