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As a passionate enthusiast for scale models, I have crafted a 1:72 scale coastal concrete emplacement that is representative of the kind you'd find scattered around the British Isles. The attention to detail ensures that the model captures the essence of a real-world fortification, with its distinct shape and textures adding to the realism. This piece has been painted to show how it complements both wargame settings and OO railway models, making it versatile for different types of dioramas.

For those interested in the historical aspect, such emplacements played a crucial role in coastal defence, and this model reflects their significant presence. This piece is a splendid addition for collectors who appreciate the integration of historical elements into their scenery. It's designed with a focus on scale accuracy, enhancing any miniature landscape.

The craftsmanship is evident in the crisp casting and textural details, which are highlighted further through careful painting. While the image shows a finished and painted model, enthusiasts will receive an unpainted resin miniature that they can personalise to their liking. Rest assured, the solid design ensures it's a durable addition to any collection.

For dimensions, the model measures Length 130mm, Width 75mm, Height 17mm, fitting perfectly with other 1:72 scale models.

1:72 for OO or 20mm

Concrete emplacement based on examples on Orkney but typical of sites all around the

"I started by applying a base coat of grey to replicate the concrete, ensuring I covered all the surfaces evenly for a realistic look. For added depth, I lightly dry brushed a lighter shade of grey to highlight the edges and textures. The rust effect was achieved by stippling on a mix of brown and orange, concentrating more on the metal components to give it a weathered appearance. Finally, I sealed the piece with a matte varnish to protect the paint and provide a more authentic finish. This approach should be accessible for hobbyists who want to recreate a similar look from the base resin product." - Stuart
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