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This finely proportioned packing crate is an essential detail piece for adding realism to any 1:76 scale OO railway layout or 1:72 scale wargames scene. The dimensions of Length 18mm, Width 15mm, and Height 16mm fit perfectly within the scale, contributing to the overall authentic atmosphere of the setup.  This model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to customise its appearance to match the specific aesthetic of your project.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Small wooden packing crate or chest.

Dimensions: Length 18mm Width 15mm Height 16mm

"To achieve a similar finish to the packing crate you see here, I started with a base coat of a wood-like brown. Then, I carefully dry brushed lighter shades of brown and tan to highlight the wooden texture and plank details, ensuring each layer was lighter than the previous to give it a natural, weathered look. For the metal bands, I used a dark grey base and added silver highlights to simulate wear and tear. I kept the colours realistic and muted to ensure it blends well within a wargaming scene or a railway layout." - Stuart
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