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Crafted to suit enthusiasts who appreciate detail in their OO railway setups, this portable works cabin model captures the essence of a site office commonly seen around rail works. I paid close attention to the intricacies of the cabin, from the wire mesh on the windows to the individual panels and signage. The 1:76 scale ensures it fits seamlessly alongside other buildings and accessories in a railway scene.

I chose to portray the practicality and utilitarian nature of the structure, which is common in real-world worksites. For those keen on railway buildings, this piece adds depth and character to your layout, providing a closer look at the day-to-day operations within the railways.

In the process of painting and detailing, I reflected the typical appearance of a used office; signs of weathering and use are subtly added to the clean lines and functional design. It's small details like these that can bring a scene to life for railway modellers. This model brings utility and realism to any OO railway model collection and pairs well with a range of layouts depicting different eras and settings.

The piece measures Length 100mm, Width 37mm, Height 35mm. It is sold as an unpainted resin miniature, allowing for personal customization.

Text Description: 4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm

Portable works building

"To achieve a similar finish to this portable works cabin, I started by applying a base coat in a dark grey color to simulatethe metallic nature of the structure. Once dry, I carefully hand-painted the finer details such as the door handles and the signs to stand out against the dark background. I made sure the wire mesh on the windows had a slightly different shade to give the impression of texture and depth. All paintwork was done with a steady hand and an eye for subtlety to keep things looking realistic. I touched up the edges and corners with light grey to represent wear and slight weathering, giving the impression of use and exposure to the elements." - Stuart
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