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Our 1:76 scale quay side wall and steps is a finely detailed model, capturing the essence of harbourside architecture ideal for railway enthusiasts who take pleasure in recreating realistic scenes. The attention to detail in the brickwork lends itself well to nuanced painting techniques, allowing for a lifelike depiction of stone once painted. As someone who has always appreciated the meticulous craftsmanship that go into railway models, I enjoy designing pieces that enhance the layout, and this set does just that.

With two quay side walls and three rubbing fenders included, they are designed to fit seamlessly into 1:76 scale railway settings. Each model is precisely proportioned, aiming to satisfy those who value the accuracy and historical resonance of their miniature landscapes.

Please note, this model is supplied unpainted, giving you the freedom to customize the finish to your liking.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm, 2PC. Dimensions: Length 110mm Width 17mm 30mm tall to quay top. + 3 x balsa wood rubbing fenders at 5mm sq X 35mm H.

Keywords: quay side wall, steps, resin miniature, 1:76 scale, OO railway, railway accessories, harbours, boat accessories, scale model, railway modelling, historical accuracy,

"To achieve this level of finish on the quay side wall and steps, I started with a thorough cleaning of the resin to ensure a clean surface for painting. I then applied a base coat in a grey shade, which helps in bringing out the brickwork details when dry-brushing lighter tones over the top. For added realism, I used subtle variations of shades and even included signs of weathering and age, such as darker washes to represent grime build-up in the recesses. To complete the look, the balsa wood fenders were painted a brown color to resemble weathered timber, which I think lends an air of authenticity to the entire piece." - Stuart
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