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1:76 QUAY SIDE BOLLARDS (pack of 6)

1:76 QUAY SIDE BOLLARDS (pack of 6)

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These quay side bollards serve as a testament to precision in scale modeling, capturing the essence of maritime mooring points with an attention to detail that will resonate with enthusiasts. Crafted with careful attention, these resin bollards fit seamlessly into scenes of coastal industry and shipping in 1:76 scale settings, suitable for OO railway modeling. Their construction is rugged, ensuring they can be handled during the setup of a model harbour without damage.

Every pack includes six individual bollards, preserving the nuances and understated design one would expect to find alongside docks and within shipyards. These pieces are sure to anchor any harbour scene with a realistic presence, and the simplicity underscores the beauty of their function.

Hobbyists and collectors will appreciate the subtle distinctions of these miniatures, from their cylindrical form to the accurate portrayal of the fixtures and textures found in their full-sized counterparts. The dimensions of 7 mm diameter x 9 mm high make them approachable for painting, with enough room to showcase fine detail yet small enough to maintain the delicate balance of your miniature world.

For railway modeling enthusiasts, they're a fine addition to lay beside tracks or as part of a more elaborate setup. The model is supplied unpainted, encouraging you to put your own touch on the final presentation.

4mm/1:76 for OO

A pack of six resin model cast metal quays

"To achieve a finished look similar to what you see here, start with a base coat of primer to ensure the top coats of paint adhere properly to the resin surface. Once the primer is dry, apply a coat of acrylic paint, selecting colors that mimic cast metal typically found in quayside settings. Use reference photos of actual bollards for a realistic color scheme. For added depth, apply a wash to accentuate the details and shadows, followed by light dry brushing with a lighter shade to pick out the edges and create a worn metal effect. Finish off with a matte varnish to protect the paint job." - Stuart
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