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This rectangular steel water tank model reflects the typical look one would expect to find in the setting of a mid-20th-century railway environment. It features believable proportions and details that suit the 1:76 scale, fitting seamlessly alongside other railway accessories. Resin casting allows crisp representation of features like rivet lines and access panels, enhancing the overall appearance of the tank when placed atop a building or as a freestanding unit within a railway scene.

Water tanks are common sights beside rail tracks, historically serving as essential refilling points for steam locomotives, and this piece would add a slice of that history to any layout. It's good to keep in mind that tanks like these are versatile structures and could just as well represent oil storage in a different context. The model serves as a practical element for those who appreciate the operational aspects of railway modelling.

The dimensions of this model are Length 69mm, Width 45mm, Height 21mm. It is supplied unpainted, allowing customisation to match your scene.

Keywords: rectangular, steel, water tank, OO scale, railway modelling, resin miniature, liquid storage, 1:76 scale.

"To achieve a similar finish to this water tank, I started with a base coat in a neutral grey shade to simulate the metal surface, making sure to cover the entire model evenly. After the base coat dried, I applied successive washes of rust and brown for a weathered look. I focused on the corners and recesses, where water and rust would naturally accumulate, to add depth to the weathering. Dry-brushing with a lighter grey followed, to pick out the edges and enhance the metallic look. A final light dusting of a sandy colour represented weathering from exposure. The painting process is straightforward and enjoyable, reflecting the understated, yet integral role items like this have within their scale settings." - Stuart
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