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Inspired by the historical British bridging equipment, this 1:72 scale resin replica is true to the engineering used during times of conflict. The scale precision allows for a convincing integration with OO scale railway models or 1:72 scale wargaming setups, blending seamlessly into meticulously created scenes without overshadowing other elements. The model showcases fine detailing, accurately reflecting the distinct characteristics of the original equipment.

For those interested in both railway modelling and wargaming, this piece serves a dual purpose, providing a realistic addition to dynamic battlefield recreations or as a structural component within a historical railway setting.

At 100mm in length, 39mm in width, and 9mm in height, it offers a sizeable representation without dominating the landscape. Do keep in mind the model comes unpainted, allowing for personal customisation.

1:72 for OO or 20mm. Pre Bailey bridge British bridging equipment. Dimensions: Length 100mm Width 39mm Height 9mm.

Keywords: resin miniature, 1:72 scale, OO scale, British bridging equipment, historical model, wargaming terrain, railway modelling, detail casting, scale accuracy, customisable miniature.

"To achieve the finish on this miniature road deck, I started with a uniform base coat and then worked up layers of weathering to give it a realistic look. The key is to subtly build up these layers to capture the wear and tear you'd expect from heavy use. By using a dry-brushing technique, I was able to highlight the textured details. Then, I added some darker washes to bring out the shadows and create more depth. Finally, a light dusting with pigments can really sell the look of a piece that's been part of many historical conflict scenarios." - Stuart
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