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This 1:76 scale corner section of a Roman fort captures the essence of ancient military architecture, tailored specifically for OO railway enthusiasts. Paying attention to the scale detail, I've sculpted the ruins to ensure they resonate with the historical layout and design typical of the era. Offering not just a rendition of the structural remnants but also a textured landscape well-suited for OO railway settings, this piece gives a nod to the extensive history without compromising on the fit within your setup. The sections, while appearing robust, hold a subtle definition to display discerning realism. At each step, the dimensions have been kept in mind, faithfully representing the original structures within a compact form, perfect for incorporating into your English Heritage-themed railway scenery.

Dimensions: Length 120mm, Width 95mm, Height 13mm

Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing you to personalize it to fit the aesthetic of your existing collection or scenery.

Text Description: 4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm. Excavated corner of a Roman fort. Create an English Heritage attraction on your model railway. Dimensions: Length 120mm Width 95mm Height 13mm

Keywords: resin miniature, Roman fort, 1:76 scale, OO railway, English Heritage, railway buildings, scale accuracy, model scenery

"To achieve a look similar to the one in the image, start by giving the base resin a good coat of primer to help the subsequent layers of paint adhere better. Once the primer is dry, use acrylic paints to add color to the fort's walls and ground, mimicking the hues of ancient stone and earth. For the grassy areas, a mix of green shades is used to create a varied and realistic appearance of vegetation. To finish, a matte varnish is applied to protect the paintwork and reduce shine for a more authentic look." - Stuart
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