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This scale model of a rubber assault boat is an integral piece for anyone involved in wargaming or railway modelling, reflecting the versatility these boats provided in historic military operations. In keeping with the precise 1:72 scale, it's sized for OO gauge scenarios. Its dimensions of Length 82mm, Width 33mm, Height 12mm fit perfectly within a variety of settings, further enhancing the reality of your miniature world. You'll find the detailing captures the essence of the real vessels utilised for infantry transport and pontoon bridge construction during conflicts. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing for full customization.

1:72 Rubber Assault Boat. Large inflatable boat for infantry section or used for pontoon bridge building. Dimensions: Length 82mm Width 33mm Height 12mm.

Keywords: scale model, rubber assault boat, wargaming, railway modelling, 1:72 scale, miniature boat, military miniatures, resin boat, model making, OO gauge, unpainted miniature.

"To achieve a similar look for the rubber assault boat, I started with a base coat, making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies for even coverage. After the base coat dried, I carefully applied washes to accentuate the details and give it a weathered look. Dry brushing highlights helped to pick out the edges and create a sense of depth. I spent some time on the finer details, adding varying tones to mimic the textures of the rubber and the wooden floorboards. Patience and a steady hand were key in getting the paint just right." - Stuart
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