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Here's a piece I've worked on that's ideal for a 1:56 scale wargame. It is a small pile of rubble, just the sort you'd find next to damaged buildings in any historically themed battlefield. The model captures the chaos of a debris pile well, with broken wood, concrete and twisted metal all portrayed to add realism to the scene. I've taken care to ensure that it blends seamlessly into the tabletop landscape, providing a sense of scale and detail that enhances gameplay. Its dimensions are 115 mm L x 32 mm W x 17 mm H, making it a sizeable addition to your wargame accessories. Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

Text Description: 1: 56 scale for 28 mm wargames. A small pile of rubble for the sides of damaged buildings. Dimensions. 115 mm L x 32 mm W x17 mm H.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, wargames accessories, miniature rubble, resin miniature debris, scale rubble pile, wargames scenery, tabletop gaming, model building accessories, scale modelling, unpainted resin miniatures.

"To achieve the finish seen in this item, I began with a base coat in a neutral grey to represent concrete. Once dry, I applied various washes to accentuate the textures and add depth. I focused on adding browns and rust colours to imitate the look of aged and weathered debris. A dry brushing technique with a lighter grey highlighted the edges and brought out the details. For the wood and metal pieces, I used earth tones and metallic paints respectively, finishing them off with a light dry brush to simulate wear. The process is straightforward and results in a believable appearance that complements any 1:56 scale wargame setting." - Stuart
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