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This 1:72 scale sandbag wall captures the feel of a hastily constructed military defence, common during periods of conflict. I've paid close attention to the scale to ensure it fits seamlessly into wargames scenarios or with 1:72 scale models. Each sandbag is sculpted to look like it was filled and placed with urgency, which was often the case in history when soldiers had to quickly fortify a position against incoming threats.

For enthusiasts who appreciate historical detail, sandbag defences like this one have been employed since the early 19th century, providing cover from enemy fire in many conflicts around the world.

The model features dimensions: Length 75mm Width 13mm Height 15mm, and is suited to wargaming, serving as a versatile addition to any defence scenario. Do note that this model comes unpainted.

Text Description: 1:72 for OO or 20mm. Piled up sandbag wall defence. Dimensions: Length 75mm Width 13mm Height 15mm.


"To create a similar sandbag wall, I started with a high-quality resin cast and applied a base coat of light brown to represent the burlap fabric of the bags. Then, I used washes of darker brown to bring out the texture and shadows between the bags, followed by dry brushing lighter tones to highlight the edges and create a sense of depth. If you're replicating this process, pay attention to the natural sag and stacking pattern of sandbags for a convincing appearance." - Stuart
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