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This 1:72 scale miniature captures the improvisational nature of battlefield fortifications, offering a simple yet effective barricade of wooden boxes topped with sandbags. Such defences were common, swiftly put together by soldiers seeking cover in various conflicts. It has been carefully crafted to provide a realistic look for wargames enthusiasts who demand precision in their battlefield recreations. The dimensions are spot on, with a length of 70mm, a width of 18mm, and a height of 15mm, ensuring that it blends seamlessly with other 1:72 scale models. Enthusiasts will find this piece a fitting addition to their scenarios, be they historical recreations or strategic wargaming sessions. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing painters the joy of customising it to their own specifications.

Text Description: 1:72 for OO or 20mm. Simple barricade of wooden boxes topped with sandbags. Dimensions: Length 70mm Width 18mm Height 15mm.

"To achieve a similar effect to the painted item in the image, I started by giving the resin base a coat of primer to ensure the subsequent layers of paint would adhere well. Once dry, I applied a basecoat in earthy tones to the wooden boxes, making sure to get into all the crevices for a realistic effect. For the sandbags, I chose a lighter shade to contrast with the wood. I then drybrushed over the textures to highlight the details and gave it a wash with a darker shade to accentuate shadows and depth. Finally, a bit of light dry-brushing with a very light beige or off-white on the highest points completed the textured look." - Stuart
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