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Keywords: scale model, 1:48, oil drum

"Starting with a base resin miniature, I applied an earth-toned primer to establish a ground for the detailing. By layering varying shades of browns and tans, I was able to give the oil drums a weathered metallic appearance. Strategic dry brushing highlighted the texture of the sand and metal rims, making them pop. The challenging part was creating a realistic rust effect, which I managed by stippling orange and reddish-brown tones around the edges and seams of the drums, simulating corrosion. Adding subtle sand deposits in the recesses and around the base brought the piece to life, carefully placed to suggest natural accumulation. It's worth noting that achieving a lifelike look required a steady hand and patience, allowing each layer of paint to dry before applying the next. The final touch was a matte sealant to protect the paintwork and provide a non-glossy, authentic finish." In our range of scale items fit for wargaming, I've made sure this sand filled oil drum berm fits snugly into realistic settings, contributing to an immersive battle scenario. Designed for 1:48 scale, it fits perfectly with figures of 28/32 mm. Each drum is sculpted with close attention to historical designs, with arrangements that reflect resourceful battlefield adaptations. The berm not only stands out for its seamless integration with other pieces but also for the careful consideration of proportions and use of space. With dimensions of Length 100mm, Width 60mm, and Height 18mm, it's an unobtrusive yet essential component when constructing strategic scenes. Great care has been taken to ensure that the final product resonates with the discerning hobbyist who appreciates the attention to detail. Please note that the model is supplied unpainted. Text description: "1:48 for 28/32 mm figs. Dimensions: Length 100mm Width 60mm Height 18mm." - Stuart
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