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This 1:56 scale sandbag and pipe defence is designed to complement your 28mm wargame figures, enhancing the battlefield with a realistic defensive structure. Reflecting careful attention to detail, this scene is reminiscent of impromptu defences seen in historical conflicts. Whether setting up for a skirmish or tactical display, this piece adds depth to your wargaming environment with its proportionate scale and true-to-life appearance. Cast in high-quality resin, this defensive barricade is both sturdy and finely detailed, making it a solid addition to any tabletop setup. Its dimensions are 95 mm L x 25 mm W x 25 mm H, ensuring that it integrates seamlessly into any scenario. The model is supplied unpainted, allowing for customization to match any era or setting.

1:56 scale for 28 mm figures. Sewerage pipes and sandbags barricade. Dimensions 95 mm L x 25 mm W x 25 mm H.

Keywords: 1:56 scale, 28mm wargaming, resin miniatures, scale model defence, tabletop gaming, sewerage pipe miniatures, sandbag barricade, wargaming scenery, historical miniatures, tabletop terrain, wargames accessories.

"To achieve the realistic look of this sandbag and pipe defence, I started with a base coat of acrylic paints to capture the object's primary colours— a subdued grey for the pipes and a natural tan for the sandbags. I added depth and texture by dry brushing lighter tones to highlight the edges and create a natural wear-and-tear effect on the barriers. For the sandbags, I focused on the creases to give them a filled and stacked appearance. The dirt accumulation at the base of the defence was created using a mix of painted-on shadows and actual textured material to simulate earth. A final matte varnish was applied to protect the paintwork and reduce any unrealistic shine, keeping the finished piece ready for the gaming table." - Stuart
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