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This sandbag wall is designed for 1:56 scale wargaming, scaled to accompany 28mm miniatures. Reflecting the robust design of real-world defences, this piece enhances tabletop battles with its realistic details. The craftsmanship ensures that each bag is discernible, which adds to the overall realism in your wargaming scenarios. This sandbag wall provides a straightforward yet effective backdrop for historical skirmishes, giving you a tangible piece of terrain to plan your strategies around. It measures 95mm L x 14mm W x 20mm H.

Text Description: 1:56 for 28mm. Defensive wall of filled sandbags. Dimensions 95mm L x 14mm W x 20mm H.

Please note that the model is supplied unpainted.

"To achieve the finished look of this sandbag wall, I started with a solid base coat using an acrylic paint that matched the typical colour of sand. Once dry, I applied darker washes into the recesses to accentuate the texture of the sandbags, giving each bag a distinct appearance. Dry brushing with lighter shades helped me to highlight the edges and create a sense of depth. I made sure the painting technique matched the scale, so the weathering effects looked proportional. To complete it, a final light dry brush with an off-white colour gave the wall a realistic touch of wear, as you might see in actual defensive structures." - Stuart
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