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This piece is a representation of a sandbag wall under construction, scaled down to complement 1:56 scale models, commonly used in wargaming. The focus was on maintaining the realism of the structure, ensuring each sandbag appeared filled and stacked as one would expect in a real-world counterpart. The sandbags are arranged haphazardly, as they might be in a hurried defence construction, which adds to the overall authenticity of the scene. Such details cater to the discerning eye of enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the time and effort put into achieving a realistic miniature.

Every sandbag was sculpted to align accurately with the scale, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into a wargame setting. It's equally important for these pieces to not only look the part but to be in proper proportion to the figures and other elements they accompany. The dimensions are 53 mm L x 14 mm W x 19 mm H.

Please note, the model is supplied unpainted.

1:56 for 28mm. Piled up sandbags for making defences. Dimensions: 53 mm L x 14 mm W x 19 mm H.

Keywords: 1:56 ammo boxes and supplies, 1:56 defences, 1:56 scale walls, wargames accessories 1:56, scale model sandbags, resin miniatures, wargaming terrain

"For this sandbag wall, I started with a base coat using earth tones to give it an authentic, gritty look. I then applied a wash to accentuate the texture of the sandbags and followed up with dry brushing to highlight the edges. It's important for hobbyists to focus on the contrast in textures when dealing with such items to bring out the details." - Stuart
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