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This 1:76 scale Scottish castle is a finely detailed miniature perfect for OO railway enthusiasts or wargaming settings. Hollow cast in three pieces, it is designed to seamlessly fit into historical layouts or battlefield scenarios. The textured surfaces of the stone walls and shingled roof capture the look of a rugged tower house, evoking the spirit of Scotland's architectural heritage. The overall dimensions ensure this building maintains the right proportion in your setup, complementing other elements with an understated presence.

The model has been thoughtfully divided into body, battlement, and roof components, and it is straightforward to assemble for placement in your desired scenery. With dimensions of the main body at 96 mm L x 87 mm W x 128 mm H, battlements at 106 mm L x 95 mm W x 27 mm H, and the roof structure at 79 mm L x 58 mm W x 49 mm H, it stands impressively when fully assembled, with an overall height of 185 mm. This piece is suitable for both OO railway layouts and historical wargames.

Please note that the model is supplied unpainted, allowing for personal customisation to match your unique scene and tastes.

4mm/1:76 scale for OO railways or 20 mm wargames. A hollow cast Scottish tower house castle. Cast in 3 pieces. Body, Battlement, Roof. Dimensions: main body 96 mm L x 87 mm W x 128 mm

"To achieve a finish similar to the one you see in this image, I applied a base coat of acrylic paint to the surface, which helped bring out the underlying details of the stone and wood textures. A combination of dry brushing and wash techniques accentuated the stonework's natural variations, while a lighter touch highlighted the wooden features, adding contrast and depth. Finally, careful attention to small details, such as the windows and door, gave this model an extra touch of realism, inviting close-up inspection." - Stuart
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