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This 1:56 scale Scottish fishing boat model is a representation of the hardy vessels found in Scottish waters, tailored for wargames enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of maritime authenticity to their setups. I've tried to capture the essence of these working boats, with close attention to details like the textured deck, the placement of the wheelhouse, and the inclusion of accessories like tyre fenders and a radar scanner for modern scenarios.

The practical design allows for easy integration into various maritime scenes. I've measured it up precisely, and the dimensions sit at 179 mm long, 47 mm wide, and 50 mm high to the top of the wheelhouse, which makes it a fitting accompaniment for 28mm miniatures.

The model is supplied unpainted, which provides hobbyists the opportunity to personalise it to their own taste and to match their existing collections or dioramas.

1:56 scale for 28 mm figures., A simple waterline model of a small wooden hulled motor fishing vessel. Typical of types found around Scottish waters. Hull wheelhouse life ring 2 metal masts 4 tyre fenders and a radar scanner (for modern use). Dimensions 179 mm L x 47 mm W x 50 mm H

"Starting with a solid resin casting of the hull, I applied a base coat of marine blue, then worked in lighter shades to give the impression of weathering from the sea and sun. The wooden deck required a steady hand to pick out the planks, using a mid-brown before adding washes for depth. Details like the wheelhouse, life ring, masts, tyre fenders, and radar scanner were carefully painted to stand out, yet remain true to the worn look of a working boat. For the rust effect on the metal parts, I dotted orange and brown, then dry-brushed to simulate flaking. The whole process required patience and a focus on subtle hues to make the model look as realistic as possible." - Stuart
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