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This representation of a small Scottish type motor fishing vessel is modelled to a 1:76 scale, capturing the essence of these hardy boats that navigate the coastal waters. As a hobbyist who enjoys adding realistic ships to the OO railway or wargames settings, this piece offers an accurate scale model that complements scenes with a maritime theme. Attention has been paid to the proportions and features, ensuring that enthusiasts will find it resonates with the actual vessels. I particularly enjoy capturing the spirit of these boats, and it's evident in the wheelhouse details and overall build quality. It's sized with dimensions of Length 126mm, Width 37mm, and Height 35mm—perfect for enhancing your maritime or coastal scenarios. This model is supplied unpainted, allowing fellow hobbyists to customise it to their own vision.

4mm/1:76 for OO or 20mm Small Scottish type motor fishing vessel with wheelhouse for 1 man. Dimensions: Length 126mm Width 37mm Height 35mm.

Keywords: 1:76 scale, Scottish motor fishing vessel, OO railway, wargames, ships, boats, model fishing boat, resin miniature, scale modelling.

"To achieve this finish on the Scottish motor fishing vessel model, I applied a base coat to seal the resin, then worked up layers of paint to add depth and character to the surface. I paid particular attention to the weathering steps to give a more convincing, used appearance that suggests a history of braving the Scottish waters. After the painting was complete, I added subtle dry-brushing to highlight the details and bring the textures to life." - Stuart
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