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4mm for OO railways or 20mm wargames. A small fortified stone house typical of a type of dwelling found all over Scotland and the English borders. It is a hollow casting with a removable roof.  The individually carved stone work creates an amazing texture that is an ideal surface for some weathered paint work.  NO NEED FOR ANY KIT BUILDING. Just paint and go.

Dimensions: Length 78mm Width 64mm Height 149mm.

For the railway modeller working in 1:76 scale this model is just one of my range of 4mm to the foot scale resin cast pieces that are designed to help you create all sorts of interesting scenarios on your layout. Whether terrain, building, boat, vehicle or small detail accessory you are sure to find lots of unique pieces in this collection of scale miniatures. As a keen railway modeller myself, I understand the importance of accuracy and realism in models for historical and contemporary settings plus the need for speed from purchase to track side. I have strived to make as many of my models as I can requiring no assembly. Some do, but here I have tried to keep the parts to as few pieces as possible. All are supplied unpainted giving you the opportunity to personalise it with a paint scheme that fits your own era and theme. The final look is up to you.

It also works remarkably well as a larger 15mm wargame building.
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